Jun 042012

So, our family is up and moving to…..


That’s right! Currently our adventure is only for a year, but who knows, so we are packing up and heading south! To celebrate the big move, Contrast is having a moving sale! Use the coupon code MOVING2012 to get 15% off of EVERYTHING in the shop!

I will continue taking orders until June 20th when I will be packing up and heading out!

Take care and happy shopping! What adventures are you embarking onto?!

Apr 272012

Hey all! So I’m part of the Alberta Street Team on Etsy and we are having a collaborative SPRING BLING SALE! From my shop, you’ll get 15% off all items and a free 5×7 of your fave print included in your order if you like the Facebook Page as well!

Make sure to check out the other great shops involved and their awesome deals as well!

Take care! And I will be releasing a couple new lines of prints throughout the sale week as well!

Apr 112012

I am so excited! My bestie and I are launching the etsy store after MONTHS of my prep and stress! And let me tell you! We are having a grand old time! Laughter, tears, happy dances… we have it all! How amazing is it to be doing something I love… WITH someone I love!

But seriously, every time I refresh my store and see the new listings all beautifully lined up and organized and pretty I just get more and more excited! My love for design and travel are meeting up at the cutest little coffee shop that is my imagination! It is so amazing to see your hard work coming out into a beautiful mass of…. BEAUTY!

It is a long night after a very long day for me, but it has been amazing, and my message for you is, to try! You never know until you try! If you’re thinking of trying something new, or taking a risk, just do it! Even if you fail, at least you know you’ve tried, and who can ask for more than that? It took me forever to finally do this, and I’m so happy I did! I wish I would have not stressed so much about perfection and having everything ready and just leaped in, but I’m here now and am finally sharing my art with you.

I hope you like it, and I hope a print or two will find its way to your home and cozy up next to the fireplace making your home that much more lovely.

Well, I must return to the listings and bid you farewell, but I shall return tomorrow so don’t you fret my friend! Until then, check out one of the prints that makes me extra happy:

The London Eye:

London Eye Ferris Wheel