Dec 062012

SO if you’re anything like me, you may have JUST realized that it’s December! Yup, T-19 days until Christmas. Are you looking for a last minute gift? What about giving something meaningful this year… something that will change lives… literally.



Backyard Broadcast is the youth campaign of Child Rescue Association of North America’s anti-trafficking campaign. They are doing some amazing things, and when I say your purchase will change lives… it will.

It will change your life as you learn more about the issue of human trafficking (or child abuse for profit), and as you learn that it happens here. Yes, in the United States, in Canada, in small towns, big cities and overseas.

It will change your friends’ and family’s life as you share with them this tragedy and the fact that there is hope… lots of hope, and we CAN make a difference… even if it’s one can at a time.

It will change the lives of potential victims all over as they become educated and informed of this issue and learn the signs so they and their friends are no longer at risk.

It will change the lives of police officers who will get the training needed to recognize and see these girls as victims, not criminals.

It will change the lives of politicians and other public figures as they learn that in order to gain re-election, the public expects them to take a stand and stop this from happening here.

And it will change the lives of current victims who may be able to get the help they need to escape.

All this change can happen because of one can… one purchase… one person who said “not in my backyard”.

So, this holiday season, if you’re still looking for a gift… especially one that keeps on giving, look no further, and be a part of something big. Help change the world.

Nov 292012

I often have the hardest time finding a good gift for my husband, whether for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries… it seems like everything out there is for women and children -especially on Etsy. That is why I’ve introduced a new section to the shop… the MAN CAVE! There you will find prints especially for that special guy in your life. They are great to display in an office, rec room, garage or any other sort of well… man cave! So head on over to the shop and check them out!


Nov 182012

So I’ve been thinking lately about my etsy shop and the direction it’s been going, and I’m seriously thinking that it’s time for a change.I think I’m going to keep some of the designs currently in my shop, but I’d like to add a few different ones to figure out where I want to take it. So this is where I need your help:

1) What kinds of artwork do you like in your home?

2) What colors/patterns are you really digging right now?

And Lastly,

3) What have you been dreaming of putting on your walls that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere yet?

OK, and for a little incentive, on New Years Day, I will draw a name from the comments and they will get5 FREE PRINTS OF THEIR CHOICE!

What?! I know! It’s crazy, but I want to thank you for your support!

So Comment below with your answer to the 3 questions I asked, and you can choose your 5 prints (all 8×10) from old or new designs. I may even create something just for you!

Nov 172012

So winter has started and the holiday season is fast approaching. As a family we love to spend time outdoors in the snow and I personally find great joy in sipping a hot cocoa by the fire and relaxing in my favorite cozy sweaters! We are christian and so we celebrate Christmas, and I love having being surrounded by our family for the holidays! We have so many wonderful traditions passed down from parents and grandparents and have enjoyed creating some of our own as well.

One of my favorite of our traditions is centering our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas and offering extra service to those around us and taking advantage of any opportunity to help others on their way.

What do you like to do in the winter with your family and how do you celebrate the Yuletide?

Since I love staying warm so much, here’s another freebie to help you prepare for the cold nights ahead and this wonderful winter season:

Free Winter Printable

Click print to download



What other kinds of designs would you like to see in the shop? Do you like the style of these latest freebies, should I start selling prints that are similar?

Nov 162012

Well it’s been a while, but we’re back! I know I told you that we’d be back in August and its now the middle of November… so, as a thank you for your patience, here’s a free Thanksgiving printable and a discount code for 20% off your next order! (What a great time to stock up on some of our Christmas designs for your own decor and they make easy peasy gifts!) Tomorrow I’ll post a Winter freebie too!

Discount code: LIFEHAPPENS

Free Printable:

Thanksgiving Freebie Printable

Click image to download

Jun 042012

So, our family is up and moving to…..


That’s right! Currently our adventure is only for a year, but who knows, so we are packing up and heading south! To celebrate the big move, Contrast is having a moving sale! Use the coupon code MOVING2012 to get 15% off of EVERYTHING in the shop!

I will continue taking orders until June 20th when I will be packing up and heading out!

Take care and happy shopping! What adventures are you embarking onto?!

Apr 272012

Hey all! So I’m part of the Alberta Street Team on Etsy and we are having a collaborative SPRING BLING SALE! From my shop, you’ll get 15% off all items and a free 5×7 of your fave print included in your order if you like the Facebook Page as well!

Make sure to check out the other great shops involved and their awesome deals as well!

Take care! And I will be releasing a couple new lines of prints throughout the sale week as well!